Kings Landscaping specializes in landscape design for new landscaping installations and landscaping renovations in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties and we are proud South Florida Company. We know how important gardens and landscapes are to each of our clients, which is why we offer year-round lawn care and landscaping maintenance. Kings Landscaping is fully Licensed and Insured in South Florida and we are a full service landscaping company.


Kings Landscaping has been mindful of green industry practices long before environmental sustainability became buzzwords. The combination of appropriate landscape design and the use of sustainable products keep us at the fore front of South Florida landscaping. We utilize thoughtful recycling solutions to reduce waste and practice ecological landscaping methods that are less harmful to the environment.


Even after installation is complete our team of certified landscape professionals are there when you need us. We have learned that some of the success from a project is in its beauty years after the installation. Healthy vegetation, thoughtfully positioned outdoor lighting, and exquisite patio decks make a positive first and lasting impression. Properly serviced irrigation systems and water features run more efficiently saving money in the long term.

About Us

Kings Landscaping offers commercial and residential landscaping services, including lawn, garden, plant, and hardscape design and installation. We also create and install water drainage and irrigation systems, as well as many outdoor lighting systems. Kings Landscaping offers year-round lawn maintenance services including pruning, mowing, winterization, etc. Check out our Photo Gallery to view specific examples of our completed services.

At Kings Landscaping, we believe your outdoor space should be an extension of your indoor space. It is the application of this simple concept which allows us to continue to bring indoor comfort to the outdoors for each and every one of our clients.  We design an amazing landscape for you to enjoy for years.

We are an organization built on a strong set of values and a commitment to providing the highest quality landscape maintenance, landscape design, tree trimming, and irrigation services available. We build longstanding relationships; proudly serving corporations, property management companies, home owners associations, and private estates.

Our goal has and always will be to raise the bar every year within our industry, by introducing new innovations in an effort to provide the highest level of service and products to our clientele. We take pride in landscape design and implementation in South Florida. Call us to discuss your outdoor living space concept.  We can handle firepits, outdoor kitchens, xeriscapes, flagstone patios, rock wall installation and design, water features, ponds, if you can imagine it, we can design it!

Our Services


Expand your interior living space to an exceptional outdoor environment with a custom concrete, stone, or paver patio. Created with your individual needs and existing architecture in mind, Kings Landscaping will enhance your property’s value with an inviting patio design supported with cohesive walkways that link each area of your property.


Our talented landscape designers and installation teams are passionate about crafting every project to the highest standard of quality. Let Kings Landscaping team take care of the details while making your landscaping ideas a reality. We include attention to detail which result in unique outdoor spaces that define stylish outdoor living in South Florida. Our Kings Landscaping team is well versed in custom amenities and finding solutions to challenging projects.


Imagine a lush landscape that is both beautiful and functional with year around interest of color and texture. Kings Landscaping garden designs represent a thoughtful plan to suite your preference and lifestyle. Our garden staff have been educated in South Florida so we know its landscape best management practices and know how to integrate the perfect deciduous or evergreen tree, colorful perennials, ornamental grasses, along with blooming shrubs, into your garden design that are best suited for your property. Decorative pots strategically placed for annual and seasonal color are added elements with high impact and low maintenance when properly designed.


The Kings Landscaping team can create a seamless integration between the interior and exterior of your home. We use different materials such as decks, retaining walls, patios and glass to create outdoor rooms. Add plant material, fire features, and outdoor lighting to tie it all together. We will take care of every last detail including sourcing the furniture and accents so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Outdoor kitchens are the centerpieces of your dining experience that become the destination for entertaining family and friends. Whether you are looking for a stone-enclosed grill island or a state of the art entertaining space complete with a smoker, pizza oven, refrigerator, all-weather TV, surround sound system, and a dramatic outdoor lighting system or something in between Kings Landscaping can help expand your home into an exceptional outdoor


Add timeless beauty and interest to your environment with an elegant oasis that enhances your outdoor living space while bringing in the sounds of nature. Cascading waterfalls, flowing streams, tranquil ponds, and bubbling fountains naturally transform the landscape into an enticing sanctuary with life and motion that invites exploration. They can be big and bold, while a simple water fountain can still have a dramatic effect. The Kings Landscaping team work closely together to achieve the best result for your lifestyle and outdoor living space.


Fireplaces and fire pits become the center of attention at any outdoor gathering. They create the perfect opportunity to enjoy the evening while gathered around the mesmerizing flames of a cozy fire. The ambiance of a warm and welcoming focal point adds drama to the landscape while providing warmth, light, and a great atmosphere for relaxing conversation well into the night. The team at Kings Landscaping can incorporate a natural burning or propane fire pit into a patio design or we can plan a custom gas fireplace at your outdoor kitchen. Fire pits and outdoor fireplaces have become one of our most requested items and they offer a great return on investment.


Add warmth and structure to your landscape with the addition of a beautifully designed deck or pergola. Our deck designers utilize their landscape architecture training when turning your decking ideas into a reality. Arbors and trellises are important elements that create vertical interest and can act as a support for unique vegetation. Fencing and decks also define the various areas of your outdoor environment while incorporating a natural material.


Green roofs create a proven return on investment for their owners, and the design possibilities are endless. The team at Kings Landscaping will work with you to create the green roof that best suits your lifestyle – from a mono culture planting that helps reduce global warming and improves your air quality to a vegetable garden that creates sustenance and adds green to an urban area. Green roofs also play a key role in storm water management and noise reduction while saving you on overall long-term maintenance cost.



Thank you for all the hard work on the parking lot and the landscape. The clinic looks great, well actually beautiful with the additions to the yard. I believe you have helped us to improve the look of the entire neighborhood. I can hardly wait until spring to see the flowers in the Founders Garden bloom. – Denise Springs, Boca Raton

The yard looks beautiful! I came back from a disastrous business trip and was immediately cheered up when I saw my backyard oasis. – John Fuller – Parkland

Thank you so much for doing a great job on our lawn last week. The work was done quickly and neatly and as always, you guys are great to work with! – Chris Spencer – Boca Raton

The attention to detail, skill and the work ethic of Kings Landscaping was clearly evident. Thank you for leaving us with a great experience. We are happy to recommend Kings Landscaping to our neighbors and friends. – Cindy Cohen – West Palm Beach

“We are thrilled with our renovated patio and pergola… I am happy to recommend your work if ever the need arises. You are all excellent!” – Mark Roberts – West Boca

Just wanted to let you know that the landscaping work looks fantastic! We could not have asked for a better design or higher-quality end product. Additionally, the entire team has been great work with Elson to the guys in the field. Everyone has been incredibly helpful and very responsive. Thanks for everything. – Beth Miller – Fort Lauderdale

I just want to mention how great the playgrounds look. They are really beautiful, functional, and popular with the kids. When I came here 9 years ago the playgrounds were awful and now they are an exceptional part of the campus. Thanks so much for your excellent work! – Judy Rivers – Pompano Beach


When is the best time of year for a landscape installation?

It is generally agreed that fall and spring are the best seasons to plant. These allow for the best opportunities for maximum growth for newly planted seeds and bulbs. Summer and winter months are not ideal for landscape installation, but lawns still need regular watering during these months to ensure proper growth.

How often should I cut my grass?

Mowing a lawn approximately once a week will keep it short, clean, and beautiful.

How can I get rid of crabgrass?

Applying a pre-emergent in spring will help prevent crabgrass from germinating and taking over your lawn in the following seasons.

Do I really need a professional to handle my landscaping?

While we would certainly love for you to try our services, some projects can be completed at home in only a few short hours. Deciding whether or not to hire a professional generally comes down to personal taste and the size of the project. You can save a great deal of money on very small projects, however, by consulting with a professional for 30 minutes or an hour. If you feel like you do not have enough time, patience or creativity to handle your landscaping, a professional might be the right choice. However, if you look forward to starting a new lawn project, you might decide to handle many of the tasks yourself.

Are there guidelines regarding the watering of newly-installed landscape plants?

Yes. Watering is vital for establishing newly planted trees and shrubs. However, over-watering is a common mistake that forces oxygen out of the soil around the roots and can lead to death of a shrubs and trees. A good indication of too much water is yellowing of the foliage that develops first on the inside leaves and progresses to outer leaves. Of course, every plant is different, so it is important to find out the correct guidelines for your specific plant. Below are some resources to further assist you with your specific need.

How much should I water my trees?

There is an easy formula to follow : 10gallons/inch/week. Adult trees require ten gallons of water, per inch in diameter, per week. Remember to water trees even in winter, as colder weather can cause trees to quickly dry out and die. Water younger trees especially often.

Should I aerate my lawn? How often?

Every lawn will be benefited from regular aerating. We recommend having this process done at least once a year.

What types of plants are best for my hedge?

Hicks Landscape has a variety of hedge tree options. We can suggest the best type for you based on your height and maintenance preferences.

Should I be concerned about lichen growing on the trunks of my trees?

Lichens are not at all harmful to trees. In fact, they are fascinating organisms. They can be used to dye wool and to monitor pollution levels…some are even edible (careful, though…a few are poisonous!).

When is the best time to split and separate my perennials?

The best time to split perennials is in the spring or fall on a cool, cloudy day. Hostas are the most commonly split plant. They are very hearty plants that can take a lot of stress. Hydrangea on the other hand are very sensitive to being split and cannot stay out of the ground for more than ten minutes in any kind of heat.

How can I protect my landscape from pests?

Pests can potentially eat almost every kind of plant in a landscape, although they do have their preferences. Repellents and traps can be used to deter most pests, although some are harder to keep away than others. Hicks Landscape is experienced at removing all pests native to the Southern U.S.

How much can I expect to spend on a professional landscape?

The price of a professional landscape installation depends upon the size and complexity of the project and the size of the trees and shrubs used in the project. An industry rule-of-thumb is that a homeowner’s total investment in landscaping (including trees, shrubs, irrigation system, retaining walls, decks and patios) should be 10% to 15% of a home’s value. Landscapes can be installed in stages to spread the total cost over several years.

What is meant by “root girdling” and how can it be prevented or remedied?

In simplest terms, root girdling is encircled roots at or below the surface of the ground often due to the constraints of the container in which it has been living that tend to strangle the plant. At the time a plant is installed into a landscape, it is very important to prune the roots in order to remedy and prevent girdled roots. If steps are not taken at the time of installation, the tree will likely suffer a slow decline and premature death. It will also be susceptible to falling due when wind or storms introduce stress to its weak root system. Root girdling results in a weak support system for the tree. Trees with root girdling often lack trunk flare at the base of the tree where it enters the ground.

Does planting depth matter?

Yes, absolutely. If installed below grade (or surface level) most plants will suffocate or drown resulting in failing health and eventual death. In general plants should be installed with approximately 20 % of the root ball above grade. Do not cover the exposed root ball with soil. Instead use a thin layer of mulch (one to two inches thick maximum) to help retain moisture and inhibit weed growth.

How can I get ride of growing weeds?

Unfortunately, the only way to get rid of weeds in your beds is to carefully spray the weed and not the plant with an herbicide like Roundup. Roundup is Glysophate, save your money and buy the generic stuff, its exactly the same. The only other way is to pull them out of the ground with the roots manually. You can prevent the weeds from germinating all together with a granular product like Preen. Again, buy the generic product at Steins.

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